Regional Representatives

Each of the England Tri-Regional (North, South and Midlands/SW) has a number of representatives covering the different officiating disciplines.  These officials are usually experienced officvials who know other officials in their area of expertise quite well and play an important role in selections of officials for Regional athletics events.  The Regional representatives for the South Tri-Region (known as "ELSE": East. London and South East) are listed below.


  • Christine Baker (Norfolk)    TRACK
  • John Gandee (Hertfordshire)    FIELD
  • Paul Langston (Hertfordshire)    TIMEKEEPER
  • Joe Mower (Suffolk)    STARTER/ MARKSMAN


  • Gill Freeman (Kent)    TRACK
  • Steve Marshall (Middlesex)    FIELD
  • Sharon Herbert (Essex)    TIMEKEEPER
  • Gerald Alterman (Middlesex)    STARTER/ MARKSMAN

 South East

  • Malcolm Charlish (Berkshire)    TRACK
  • Darryl Quinn (Hampshire)    FIELD
  • Alan Vincent (Oxfordshire)    TIMEKEEPER
  • John Freeman (Kent)    STARTER/ MARKSMAN
  • Barbara Abbott (Surrey)    PHOTOFINISH

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