Ready for my first competition

Pict1149LJspike300As an official (whether licensed or not) it is wise to arrive at meetings early – one hour prior to start if possible (especially if you are a field judge), but at least half an hour in advance of the first track or field event.  Upon arrival you should report to the meeting organiser  or representative from the promoting club and ensure that your name is on the list of officials for that meeting. At league meetings when with a club they should declare you as an official – check!

You should then seek out the appropriate Referee (Track, Field, Chief Timekeeper or Chief Starter) - the meeting organiser should be able to tell you who this is (or wait by the stands at the finish line if on the track or timekeeping) - and determine your duties for the day. You may receive a typed/hand-written Duty Sheet or merely a verbal instruction to assist at a specific event at a given time.  If you are inexperienced, you should tell the referee, who may then pair you with a more experienced colleague.  If you are not sure what to do, please do ask; other officials will be only too happy to help.

You can find out what equipment you may need by going to the relevant discipline introduction pages.  The usual ‘uniform’ for officials is a white polo shirt, and navy trousers, with black shoes.  A navy top is useful for cold or wet weather.

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