The achievement of a track athlete can realistically only be measured by the time it takes to travel a measured distance. Track athletes spend many hours of effort and training in all conditions in order to improve personal performance; therefore it should be the duty of those who record their times to be as accurate as possible.

Those who become involved with athletics, other than by competing, are usually coaches or parents whose children have joined a local club. Invariably parents get asked to help out at club home meetings by officiating on the track or in the field.  Most will opt to hold a tape or mark a throw in preference to timekeeping, which is considered to be too technical.  Like most duties, timekeeping is not difficult once the basics are understood and accuracy will improve with experience. Newcomers wishing to try their hand at timekeeping for the first time at a meeting will be welcomed, and in general will work with more experienced colleagues who are able to assist and advise.


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