Field duties

Judging field events is, in essence, the application of a set of rules to ensure that all athletes competing in an event get the same chance, thereby ensuring that the end results are purely dependent upon their own ability, and not influenced by others.  In short, ensuring a “Level Playing Field”.

These rules have evolved over a number of decades and even now are still subject to change as equipment manufacture improves, and/or athletes’ abilities improve with new training techniques.

Judging is, in nearly all cases, subjective and comes from experience. Judges must therefore have a clear understanding of the rules that apply to each event and so ensure that each competitor competes under the same conditions. The application of the rules for both men’s and women’s events rests with the judges in charge of an event, and is overseen by a Field Referee.  Click here to read about Management Roles.

  • More information on Field Judging will come here soon, but in the meantime you can find out more in the Athletics Officials' Guide "Getting started as a Field Official" (download on your right), or if you want more in depth information, order edition 2 (here) of "How to Judge Field Events" by Mike Parmiter.

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